Met a real NYC character this week at a meeting who was given a few

samples of, thus the meeting. His opening statement was “I

am a true New Yorker that does not put up with anything and am the

biggest skeptic on the planet and guess what? This #*^@ works!”

James didn’t believe it the first bump he took, thought, oh just the placebo

effect. Then he went for his 5:30am run on the beach, felt different, felt

better, did not fatigue, oh…the placebo again. Then he hit the gym and went

way beyond his usual regime – Placebo???

So James gives one to his neighbor and says to her “Just try this and tell me

what you think in two days”  So he tells her nothing and her day one phone

call to him was “Wow, what is this stuff, I just spent 3 hours cleaning my

apartment then went for a work-out, this stuff is amazing!!!

 James, you are totally entertaining and amazing! I am telling you will bump you up! Thank you for the great meeting!

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