Hello fellow readers, blogger Lissa reporting on a very personal notation…My dearest buddy, friend and Mom was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I did not blog last week and now you know why. Hospital, hospital & hospital. Thought there were no more tears left, but to no avail the well replenished. Uhm, for any of you that have gone through this, uhhhh-I now know fully and it is just debilitating.

As I come up for a few breaths before I sink again, there is a fact that may push you skeptics over to the belief side. Vital scan carts would come into the room many times a day….Simple blood pressure, check IV’s and O2 saturation.

It was my Mom’s idea as the oximeter (the little oxygen pulse meter that they put on your index finger) was placed and a 02 reading was measured then she took some sublingual liquid oxygen drops that were administered shortly after the baseline reading.

First time I was not there for this, it was late evening. Next morning she reported that the O2 reading went from 95% to 97% in seconds!

These nurses are fast and don’t wait around so that was all the increase she saw which was pretty amazing in 20 seconds!

We did it together next day and saw the exact same results before they pulled it off the finger and carried on, fast and on the go as usual.


A week later, same cart in and same finger on, this time there were other issues and my Mom kept taking the drops EVEN over the oxygen gas in the nasal cannula. As we got to talking about cancer….the finger oximeter was there longer. As the nurse had to pull away to carry on her hectic schedule, I saw 99% O2 saturation on the vitals cart before she peeled off to another room in oncology. Note there was no 02 gas, no nasal cannula – just the drops!

There you have it. It is a fact, my Mom has cancer and this stuff brings up your oxygen levels. I pray this helps my Mom.

Mom, I love you dearly. You are my moon, my sunshine and all the rainbows in Florida…well, you surf them daily.  Get better girl. We have your back and we pray with stoicism, health, vitality and you have an army of support. Namaste to Freda.