I have always used this product, liquid oxygen drops and love it very much.

Valerie Elizabeth Paul

I bought both products traveling from US to UK and was so impressed by the products – I bought both when I flew back home.
Henry Smith
Love both your products because they are all natural, what is natural these days? I spray my clean face with your liquid oxygen mixed with rose water, my skin loves the feel and it hydrates my skin, I put the drops in all my cold drinks and nasal spray in my nose at night and whenever I need it. The world needs this product, it is a great product.
Freda Cada
As a pilot for American Airlines for longer than I would like to mention, the liquid oxygen drops were given to me as a gift to try 3 years ago. I was shocked that they made me feel much better that I normally do after long hauls. I have mental clarity and feel just clearer. I have more energy also when I take them directly. I now use this daily. Do not know how this works exactly, but I know it does. Thanks.
R. Fischer


“The most amazing relief I have felt in over two weeks was when a friend gave me Oxy Bump to get rid of a migraine that just wouldn’t pass.
 A 1/2 hour after using it I started to feel better and with incredible energy.

S. Jeers

Thank you so much for the trial of the Oxy Bump.  We LOVE it!!!  My husband suffers from terrible allergies this time of year and it has helped him immensly.  My 6 year old son recently had a terrible cold and I was at a loss at how else I could help his stuffy nose until I remembered that I had Oxy Bump…it was a life saver in this case for all of us!  I suffer from headaches at a particular time of the month and don’t like to take medication too often so I decided to try Oxy Bump for that and was very happy at the results.  I am a true believe of the liquid oxygen but I definately feel that I have found a new friend with Oxy Bump!!!
 Thank you so much for the opportunity and we will continue to purchase both products!

Becky Miller

I’m emailing you to say thank you. I fly from Vancouver to Singapore every 2 months on business. It is long and exhausting so I saw this in the duty magazine and tried it. After 22 hours to my hotel I was alert and could not believe the difference. NO jetlag, No exhaustion. I actually worked in my room for 4 hours. As you know, I now buy this stuff by the case! It is a life saver!
K. Safa
My first travel to Hong Kong from LA was debilitating once I arrived. The trip was long and the air was worse! I coughed constantly and my eyes were burning. I took the liquid drops and they really helped with my sore lungs and chest. My eyes did not feel as dry too. I looked everywhere to buy more but only found them when I was flying home. They should be on every street corner in Asia, everyone would benefit from these.
Your drops helped me alot so I thank you.
Susie Zh