I opened an email last week from a curious person. He works in the

oxygen industry and produces thousands of tons of liquid oxygen per day.

He continued to explain to us that this cryogenic fluid exists at minus 297F,

and that we could not possibly be bottling #liquid oxygen in drops as it

would expand more than 800x’s its volume.


This is a short explanation to any of you who might have thought that this

could be the true medical and/or manufacturing liquid oxygen. Liquid

Oxygen drops is trademarked as the brand name of our product, it is oxygen

and it is in liquid form but it is not the same kind George has mentioned.

We have a highly effective and unique method for creating this. For all those

interested in finding out more, please check out o2spa bar.com – scientific

FAQ’s section.

We appreciate your input and information George – thanks for taking the time to write us! 


We received an email from Bindali who said our @liquidoxygendrops.com

rock! He said that the drops are a # lifesaver for his mom, she absolutely

loves them. Makes her feel revitalized, fresh and alert.  So he tried them on

a flight to India and was blown away with no jetlag after 32 hours of flying

and waiting and no reaction to the pollution in India, which severely affected his throat, eyes and lungs on his last visit.  The drops rock! Thanks for the aid he wrote.


You rock Bindali – thanks for taking the time to write us! 


Josh called as he always does once every 2 months for his order of

@liquidoxygendrops.com, 2 bottles of male formulation. This has been

happening for years now but I never asked him the million dollar question,

“ How do they make you feel?”  He chuckled within his deep throat dialogue

 and threw back the question to me. “How do they make you feel?” I told

him simply that it is like breathing for me, I just do it every morning, every

day and it’s been so long that I have not, that I am not the best person to

answer this….

 Josh replied, “Well I’ll tell you something, in 7 years, I have been without

 maybe 5 times and those days just didn’t seem to be in control. I was not

 on my game, I did not ever correlate this to the drops but when I put two

 and two together, that was the only missing link. I lost a huge contract and

 got furious then realized hey, was it because I was out of my liquid oxygen

 drops?….since then I am covered. They don’t push me over the top, they

 just keep me going in a nice way.”


Thanks for your candid reply Josh, to you and your deals never going down

hill again. Be alert, be spry, be oxygen. Best to you.

Hi all, it’s summertime and you wonderful people have made my blogging life so easy @lissacharron. Here is another email we received a day ago… re: @liquidoxygendrops

Comments: Great product! I purchased Liquid Oxygen on a flight to London, England at the beginning of a busy European vacation and to my delight the drops worked so well I will buy more. No jet lag, no headaches & enough energy to meet each day. I would like some info on giving the drops to pets before I purchase more.

Susan, Thank you so much!  Hope you enjoy the Olympics, lucky you!! I emailed you re the pets and mentioned the awesome stories on our blog @o2spabar.com  “read our blogs”.

Here is a recent email from Katheren. I need not say anymore…

Comments: I just wanted to comment on the liquid oxygen. My 5 year old daughter has severe chronic asthma and before trying the liquid oxygen I would have to take her to the hosp at least 6 times in a year. But since shes been taking the liquid oxygen everyday for the past 4 months now we have not had any attacks. Her breathing is much better and also she doesn’t have to take as much medicine as before. This stuff works!! Thank you so much!

Happy, happy breathing and best of health to you and your family. Thank you for sharing K. Hope you enjoy the free Oxy-Bump we sent you for this great testimonial. www.o2spabar.com 

I received an email from Patti, she said that she worked for @championexpo who coordinate large trade shows nationwide.

Patti parties a lot. As she wrote, our team works hard and plays even harder. The combination of traveling, 14 hour work days and jack daniels until 3am, she said, makes her wake up feeling rough and hungover. She bought a bottle of liquid oxygen drops @ritzcarlton in their spa and tried it last week after one of “those mornings”. She said it took about an hour but her hangover was gone and she had energy as if she slept for eight hours instead of three! She asked for the price of a case to split in on with her co-workers and will be getting back to us shortly. She also asked if she could put the drops in her jack daniel shooters. Uhmmm…I will get back to you on that one, Patti.

Party on Patti. Call o2spabar.com toll free 1.888.206.0202 or email us at www.o2spabar.com Thanks again for your email.


Firstly. To any devotees, I apologize for not uploading earlier. We had a 500 mile there and back trip to @Orlando. We, let me @lissacharron@att.net drive both ways – did not matter, but got home baked. Crashed as in slept, and did not send this out. 

Here’s the latest…Mario called to buy 2 @liquidoxygenfemaledrops for a trip to @Costa Rica. His friend said that she, who has cancer, has the worst taste in her mouth after @chemotherapy. He had heard from others that the @liquidoxygendrops.com helped a lot. Like a lot! 

Got an email back recently saying that the foul taste is NOT present when she takes the @liquidoxygendrops.com. This was 2 weeks post. 

Thanks my friend and your friend, no words on this one….but health.